Small business website benefits

Increase your market share Anyone can look up your website from anywhere.Your prospect could be 100s of miles away and looking for your the product or service you sell. Your website can help them find you. You can sell 24/7 365 days a year Gone are the days where you sell 9am to 5pm to […]

Why have a website

Nearly every business has a website these days. Almost 100,000 new website go live each day. I know that is a lot. but most of them don’t know why they need a website or how to use it effectively for their businesses. To make your website work for you and give you  a good ROI […]

When business is down

Reading the news has become a chore for me these days. Who wants to read the doom & gloom? It is everywhere – markets down, dollar falling, foreclosures. Yes it is hard. But for those of us who keep looking for opportunities, It is always there. We just have to use a bit of imagination […]

Do I have to be a local designer?

I see a lot of searches in my stats with names of cities other than where I live (wellington). I have local clients and clients all over New Zealand. With email and skype or phone it is so easy to get what you want these days. I have not met most of my customers face-to-face. […]

One of my sites was hacked

I wrote a post about password security yesterday. The importance of having a strong password. Today I get an email from Hostgator my hosting company which says one of my sites is sending out more than 500 emails an hour and they have suspended that account! And I thought I had a strong password. The […]

Content Management System

If you are a small business and you don’t have a website, you are leaving money on the table. I deal with small businesses everyday. The ones that do very well are the ones that update their websites often and keep the content fresh. These days customers expect you to have a very informative website. […]

Things to do when business is down

As a small business it is tough to ride the current recession and market turmoil. As people lose homes and jobs consumer spending will go down. And as a small business you will feel the pinch. Some tips to ride the downturn. Postpone any expansion for the next few months. Wait and see how quick […]

Small Business websites

As a small business myself I know how important it is to have a website that is targeted at your customers. How many of you small business owners know Where your traffic is coming from How they are searching for you ? (keyphrase or keyword) Who is refering the visitor Which search engine sent you […]

Economic downturn

I am sure you have seen it on TV read in the newspaper. It is everywhere. The doom and gloom – the credit crunch the housing market collapsing etc. I am sure you know all these things are cyclical. Yes it is bad this time round due to the greed of those in Wall Street. […]

WordPress as CMS

Finally I switched pixels website to WordPress. I am using WordPress as Content Management System. It is fantastic as WordPress has an inbuilt pinging facility (broadcasting) to let everyone know that I have posted fresh content. Great way to get some free traffic. It is so easy to use even for someone who is not […]