Small business website benefits

Increase your market share Anyone can look up your website from anywhere.Your prospect could be 100s of miles away and looking for your the product or service you sell. Your website can help them find you. You can sell 24/7 365 days a year Gone are the days where you sell 9am to 5pm to your local community only. Build credibility People can look your up and find out how long you have been trading, your physical address before contacting you. They can read your customer testimonial etc. You can showcase your products services easily It can be like an online shop at a fraction of the brick & mortar shop. And it us open 24/7. You can get into social sites And create a presence like Dell and HP. They have a huge following in places like Twitter and Facebook.It is instant exposure and awareness of you products and services. You can advertise online By sending some Google or Yahoo traffic to your site. It is instant traffic and if you are smart you will see conversions quickly. You can swap links with complimentary businesses Your visibility will increase. Advertising and promotions can cost a fraction of your offline efforts One of my customers spent a whopping $20000 for printing brochoures for his upcoming workshops. Just imaging the amount of traffic it could have got him for that kind of money. He is not in a competitive niche at all. Around $5000 or much lesss would have got him enough conversions. these days if you don’t have a website customers will not even consider you for buying. Having an effective website and using it as a marketing tool is important for every small business owner. contact me contact me for website packages from $500 onwards.

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