As a small business myself I know how important it is to have a website that is targeted at your customers.

How many of you small business owners know

  1. Where your traffic is coming from
  2. How they are searching for you ? (keyphrase or keyword)
  3. Who is refering the visitor
  4. Which search engine sent you the traffic?

If you do not know any of the above you are leaving money on the table. This is like the pulse of your website. the more you know about the traffic the better you will be in a position to tweak it for conversion.

Some of my customers are so on top of this and are tweaking theirs sites almost every week or more.

The reason being when I set up their websites with the content management system I install Google analytics or another plugin that gives them detailed stats. I also train them to look for the goldmine in their stats.

This helps them refine the content for their traffic.

But if you have a static website and have no easy access to update how will you be able to do the above?

Increase your traffic by tweaking your content to suit your target market with my website packages.

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