Do I have to be a local designer?

I see a lot of searches in my stats with names of cities other than where I live (wellington). I have local clients and clients all over New Zealand. With email and skype or phone it is so easy to get what you want these days. I have not met most of my customers face-to-face. They usually find me on Google and email me what thery want. I reply to them within a day. Then :-
  • We narrow down the specs
  • I give a quote
  • They tell me if they are happy or not
  • I request them to work on the content and images etc
  • I start work on the look and feel
  • I train them to use the CMS
  • They start using the CMS to tweak copy and images
This process is so easy as they get access to the website on my server at once. All they do is log in and make changes. I also teach them to FTP files. They upload the images or PDF documents. How easy is that? So yeah I do not have to be local to design your website and get it up and running! Contact Me to get your website with CMS up and running in not time!

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