wholesale Ecommerce 

If you have a wholesale business, we have an online shop solution that is easy to manage, frees up your time & saves money
Wholesale shop features

Shop Setup

We will set up your Online shop, Payment Methods, Calculate Shipping & Tax Dollars

Advanced Analytics

Learn to get the most from specialised reporting using Google Analytics, Sales & Conversion Analysis & Cart Abandonment Reports

Marketing & Promo

Reach more customers by using various marketing techniques and promotions. Learn to use Coupons, Flash Sales, Product Giveaways, Refer a friend, Points, Rewards & Newsletters.

Shipping & Payments

Ability to use certain shipping & payment gateways. You can even add optional surcharges.

Wholesale Lead Capture

Take the pain out of manually recruiting & registering wholesale customers. Save time – recruit wholesale customers on autopilot

Minimum  Purchase Rules

Easily enforce order and product minimums. Control min subtotals and/or quantities by role.

wholesale Ecommerce shop setup

Upgrade your wholesale business.

We can bring your entire wholesale business online and maintain it for you. You can focus on growing your business

Integration with financial packages

Seamless two-way communication

From Website
Post the orders, SKU codes, sale prices, customer details, shipping details, payments, Discounts, Categories, and geographic information.

From the Financial Package
Prices, products, customers, discounts, inventory & categories.

Ditch the spreadsheets and work seamlessly online

Show or Hide Content

Show or hide content based on whether a user is logged in or not

Quick Edit Wholesale Prices

Easy updating of wholesale pricing.

Multi currency Support

Multi-currency support provided

Hide Retail Only Products

Hide all products that don’t have a wholesale price set from your wholesale customers.

Wholesale Ecommerce setup

Future proof your business from another pandemic or natural disaster by going digital and online for your products and services.

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