We provide full E commerce website services with Integrated Solutions to save you Time & Money

The number of people and businesses shopping online increases every year. Your website has to deliver what your target market wants to make more sales. Automatic flow of data between your website and your third party software applications will save you time & money.

You can focus on growing your business. We design E commerce websites  that share and update information through various third party softwares like your accounting package, your inventory package or your POS system. We provide these options with our E commerce solutions. Talk to us or email us with your requirement and we can tailor a solution for you. 
We currently integrate with:

  • Xero
  • MYOB
  • VEND ( Point of Sale System)

We can custom tailor a solution for you if you have other 3rd party software packages.

We integrate with the following payment systems

  • DPS PaymentExpress
  • Paystation
  • PayPal™
  • Paymate

All our E commerce websites have

  • Easy drag & drop functions
  • Easy to add new products or remove products
  • Add new categories easily
  • Product dashboard – orders in the system How many sold etc
  • Track and analyse your traffic
  • Easy to add pages (Works like Microsoft word – type and publish)
  • Promotions & Discounting – easy to set up for certain clients or at product level for a set time.
  • Search Engine Optimisation – Each product page will be optimised for the page title, description and focus keyword.
  • A robust product search function to search for products.

Catalogue Website

A catalogue website will help you communicate your services to your prospect and generate queries.

If you have a product range that you wish to communicate to your target market but do not wish to display prices, this type of website will help your business.
Instead of an add to cart button an enquire button will be in place. Clicking the button and filling in the form will generate an email. A team member can follow up and close the deal.

Types of businesses suitable for a catalogue website

Your business could be a custom order business like a Kitchen manufacturer, window manufacturer or wardrobe, bathroom installer.
Or a business where customisation of products is the norm.

A catalogue website will showcase what your business does with detailed product pages and images, detailed product description, downloadable PDFs like installation manuals, product specs, CAD drawings videos and other information.

B2C e-commerce

  • We can setup an ecommerce store – 10 to thousands of products
  • Enable frictionless shopping cart with Credit Card payment
  • Set up inventory control for the shop
  • Discounting – limited time sales, Flash sales
  • Specials – time bound
  • Wish list
  • Coupons
  • Financial Package full or partial integration
  • Vend POS system integration

B2B e-commerce

  • Private client login and shopping area
  • Multiple tiered discounting
  • Multiple locations, inventory control
  • Picking slip
  • Packing slip
  • Payment by credit card
  • Financial Package full or partial integration
  • Invoicing
  • View/download past invoices
  • One click repeat orders and shopping cart
  • Wish list
  • Upload PDFs in private area for client to view or download
  • Two way communication with client in private secure area

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Everything with your branding – your website, invoices, packing slip, pick lists. All the paperwork will have your branding across board.

Simple and Manageable

We will do the heavy lifting for you. Reordering, pricing, customisation – all of them will be seamless and easy with a custom-designed user manual.

Treat your retailers like special people

Your customers will get an enhanced B2B experience with a dedicated, customised web-space. The process will be streamlined so that they will keep coming back to you.

Know your Customer

We will install Analytics on your website – to know what people are doing when they visit your website.

  • Learn what people are searching for in your website
  • Determine where your best customers are located
  • Find out which online campaigns bring the best results
  • Uncover your top content
  • Identify your worst performing pages
  • Determine where people abandon your shopping cart
  • And the visitor stats of course….


Pricing – a powerful system

You need to offer your products to different class of customers? We will make it easy for you. We provide a powerful, yet flexible system for pricing.

  • Provide volume discounts
  • Create different classes of customers – Gold, Silver and Bronze. You can define the discount levels for each class separately
  • Provide discounts by product category
  • Sell to your top-tier customers on the basis of a pre-agreed price list

Talk to us about your discounting policies. We will come up with a solution that meets you needs.

Create Sales Orders

When a customer places an order in your eCommerce store, a sales order and invoice are created. No sweat on your part.

Shipping with everything with it

You can create your own Shipping rates – based on your business rules and policy.

  • Create multiple shipping methods
  • Shipping based on your conditions
  • Volume based pricing
  • Table rate shipping
  • Shipping based on package size OR price OR Weight – you decide

A form you can rely on

We will provide a contact form that is totally reliable.

  • If anyone fills in a form, the details are stored in the website database. No need to worry if the email has gone to the spam folder, or, worse still, blocked by the email provider
  • Gather all information and download them for four newsletters

Integration with your Financial System

Are you using Quickbooks or XERO? We can integrate your financial system with the website in real time.

Are you with another Financial Package? No worries.

Data Export/Import

We will simplify data transfer to other financial systems that exports your customer and order data in csv format. Easily import them into your Financial Systems and you are away!

You can export orders on a recurring basis to multiple email addresses – automatically.

Picking Lists – with precision

We will help you achieve 100% order picking and shipping accuracy. Never send out an incomplete order or the wrong items to the customers again.

No you can

  • Print Pick List / Invoice with Order Barcode
  • Scan orders and then the items. Eliminate mistakes
  • Best used with a barcode scanner – corded or wireless.

Grant your customers their wish – Wish lists

  • Allow your customers and visitors to create wish lists
  • They can add an unlimited number of items to the wish list
  • Does a customer order a set of products regularly? Give them a dedicated monthly order items list. Order process will take less than a few seconds for the customer


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