WordPress sites

A few days ago I wrote about using WordPress as a content management system. I shifted to WordPress from HTML for pixels because of the plus points given below: To integrate a blog into my site To update & add articles regularly into my site To access it from anywhere (HTML site I need laptop […]

WordPress as CMS for businesses…

There is a lot of searches for the keywords in my title. Yes I see them at least twice a week on my blog stats. I suddenly realized the power of that plug in. It tells you where your visitor came from, what link they clicked and what keyword they used to find you! What […]

Web 2.0

Yesterday I wrote about the power of content management system and how important it is to your business. It is not some fancy tool I am trying to sell to you. It is a tool that can be used to enhance and increase your business activity. It is also the way Internet is changing and […]