Things to do when business is down

As a small business it is tough to ride the current recession and market turmoil. As people lose homes and jobs consumer spending will go down. And as a small business you will feel the pinch. Some tips to ride the downturn.

  1. Postpone any expansion for the next few months. Wait and see how quick the market bounces back.
  2. Don’t panic and make rash decisions.
  3. Track your marketing efforts for conversions
  4. Once you find out the channel that is most successful double your effort.
  5. Try online advertising. Get a Google Adwords campaign going. Learn more about pay-per-click.
  6. Advertise on Google local.
  7. Advertise on Google Base. (It is free).
  8. Write up an informative article and get it published in local newspaper.
  9. Place classified ads in the local news paper (If you have never done before).
  10. Try a mail drop with a simple flyer done on your home printer. Have a special or something free to prompt action.
  11. Get your website refreshed and write some informative articles about your business niche.

For example if you are a landscaper try to inform your customers what best to plant now how to avoid pests. Good info about organic gardening. Plants in season. Where to get a good deal on plants. Etc. Get the visitors engaged.

Image by Randy Levine

Put out a newsletter 4 times a year. Keep in touch with your customers regularly. If you manage to get your website to 20 pages or more Google is going to love you. Add the content regularly – like once in 10-15 days.

It is so easy to update your site with the CMS package I provide for small business like yours

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