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Nearly every business has a website these days. Almost 100,000 new website go live each day. I know that is a lot. but most of them don’t know why they need a website or how to use it effectively for their businesses. To make your website work for you and give you  a good ROI you need a plan and a clearly identified goal. These are the main point to consider before getting a website for your business.
  • what is your target market
  • What will the website do for your business
  • How will it help your existing customers
  • What is the main purpose (generate leads, sell online, support your existing customers, inform the prospect)
  • How will you accomplish the above tasks on your website?
In this day and age the Internet is the first point of getting information, buying, hiring etc. Think about this.How many of us look in the phone book or yellow pages or go to the library to get info, buy or hire some one first step? We may check online then go to the shop to buy or may even buy online. so whatever product or service you are selling, ask those questions first before getting your website done. I have just scratched the surface here.  Once it is up you need to test and track and tweak as you go to get maximum results. It is not that hard to do that if you have a website with Content Management System installed. You can update and edit your site whenever you want. contact me to get a website with CMS at a very reasonable cost.

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