Web 2.0

Yesterday I wrote about the power of content management system and how important it is to your business. It is not some fancy tool I am trying to sell to you.

It is a tool that can be used to enhance and increase your business activity. It is also the way Internet is changing and becoming something new. Most CMS packages are Web.2.0 friendly.

What is web 2.0?

Web 2.0 is all about how you communicate to the audience about your business and how you engage them through your website, your presence in social media sites, how you brand yourself online etc. It is group, community interaction. CMS gives you the edge to do all the above efficiently. The old static brochure website will probably be around another 5 years max. I already see fewer of them around. The early adapters will always have the edge and march forward with more visitors and conversions. I have personally experienced this with my own website Pixels. Since the day I shifted to a CMS and did the social media rounds and got talked about or noticed, I saw a spike in traffic and a gradual climb in the search engine placement. That means more traffic and more customers for me. Blogs are very powerful. It is a channel where you can talk about your business, your niche. It is like a whiteboard where you can write how good your products are. If you blog regularly and talk to your target market about the problems they face and how your product solves it easily, you have their ears. Blogs are also like mini press releases sent out regularly. The information is picked up by other websites, blogs and discussed and talked about. saleschart What better publicity can you  get for free? Web 2.0 is not only about white space big fonts and bright colors. It is all about interacting with your online target market and how you are able to catch their attention and retain it. Especially at a time like now when recession is going on all over the world you have to find new ways of acquiring customers. It could be the time to revamp your website work out a strategy for online marketing, and go the Web 2.0 way. Big corporations like Dell, Comcast are doing it. As a small business it is very beneficial to have a strong online presence. What better way to advertise with minimum cost? Web 2.0 way is easy to go with a content management system in place. Contact me to find out more about CMS
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