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A few days ago I wrote about using WordPress as a content management system. I shifted to WordPress from HTML for pixels because of the plus points given below:
  • To integrate a blog into my site
  • To update & add articles regularly into my site
  • To access it from anywhere (HTML site I need laptop & Dream weaver, filezilla etc)
  • WordPress has an inbuilt pinging facility – like a broadcasting facility
  • I can comment about someone else’s post in my blog and it will be picked up by the other person’s blog.
  • There is a facility for my readers to post comments. The feedback loop is in place.
  • in no time I can  add pages, images etc.
  • I can set up feeds. Again this broadcasts to the world when I post something new.
How much better can this get?  I have been designing websites for the past five years. Even for someone like me WordPress is so easy to use and has made my life much easier. So if you are a novice, just think how easy it can be for you. The interface is so easy to use.
  • If you can type you can update your website.
  • You can blog and get more traffic to your site.
  • Get ranked better as Google loves updated content.
WordPress can be used to create a niche site like pixels. It is great as platform to build static site. Don’t think that it is for blogging only. Whatever the size of your site big or small you can use WordPress as the content management system. The plus points are too compelling.
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