Which CMS for Small Business

This gets asked a lot in forums and networking sites. This depends on a couple of factors Are you looking for a free license or usage Are you happy to pay for a proprietary CMS If you want CMS that is free there is a huge choice Joomla Drupal WordPress Plone dotnet Jaws… I can […]

WordPress Sites Rock

Search Engines love wordpress website. Must be the way they are structured and the way you can popularise them. What you can do with WordPress Sites:- Can be a normal site Can have a blog Can set up RSS feeds to popularise your site Can have plugin to create tags for your content. (These act […]

Online advertising skyrockets

Industry watchers predict that overall online ad spending will increase by about 3 percent for the next two years, for a total of about $29.1 billion in 2010. The growth is being driven by search engine advertising (especially pay-per-click), which is expected to jump 13 percent by 2010. Also growing rapidly is “Web 2.0? advertising […]

Do I have to be a local designer?

I see a lot of searches in my stats with names of cities other than where I live (wellington). I have local clients and clients all over New Zealand. With email and skype or phone it is so easy to get what you want these days. I have not met most of my customers face-to-face. […]


I am in the process of updating a WordPress manual I created a while ago. Hopefully I will finish it in a week or so. The manual is a couple of versions behind now. The purpose of the manual is to help people quickly put up a simple self hosted wordpress site. This can be […]

Blog spam became nil…

In my last post I talked about spam comments in blogs and how to stop them. I found out my Akismet (spam catcher plugin) got uninstalled for some reason. And that is why the spam was just pouring in. I uploaded the plugin again and installed. And guess what in the past 2 days Akismet […]

The future of Internet

I read a very interesting article today on the BBC website. The article traced the advent of Internet and how it has grown with a huge impact on the global population. We do banking, shopping, learn, interact with family and friends through the Internet. Take me for example, I don’t think I can live without […]

Why Redesign Your Website

As a small business you need to look  closely if your website is working for you and if not seriously thing of a revamp or redesign. Here are a few reasons why:- If your site is not getting enough leads by traffic and not converting you should think of a redesign. Build some metrics in […]

WordPress as CMS

Finally I switched pixels website to WordPress. I am using WordPress as Content Management System. It is fantastic as WordPress has an inbuilt pinging facility (broadcasting) to let everyone know that I have posted fresh content. Great way to get some free traffic. It is so easy to use even for someone who is not […]

WordPress sites

A few days ago I wrote about using WordPress as a content management system. I shifted to WordPress from HTML for pixels because of the plus points given below: To integrate a blog into my site To update & add articles regularly into my site To access it from anywhere (HTML site I need laptop […]