Cancer detection and A.I.

Cancer Detection And A.I.

Microsoft’s fervent push into healthcare AI this year is not without cause. The potential of AI to transform cancer detection and treatment is immense, offering hope to millions worldwide. Merging vast medical data with Microsoft’s formidable computational prowess could very well pave the way for monumental medical advancements.

Crafting cold emails using Chat GPT

Crafting Cold Emails Using Chat GPT

Crafting Cold Emails Using Chat GPT

Having trouble crafting persuasive cold emails? Let ChatGPT guide you in honing this essential sales technique.

Experiment with the prompts below, tailoring them to your unique requirements for precision-targeted outcomes

Canva Plugin in Chat GPT

Instagram post created by Chat GPT i Canva plugin

Amazon One has harnessed the power of a vast neural network, employing millions of artificial palm images to establish a cutting-edge, contactless payment and identity verification system that boasts greater accuracy than traditional iris scanning