Crafting cold emails using Chat GPT

Crafting Cold Emails Using Chat GPT
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Crafting Cold Emails Using Chat GPT

Having trouble crafting persuasive cold emails? Let ChatGPT guide you in honing this essential sales technique.

Experiment with the prompts below, tailoring them to your unique requirements for precision-targeted outcomes

Capture attention: “I need a cold email concept that will captivate my [customer persona] by offering a fresh take on [their needs] and motivate them to [convert].”

Showcase expertise: “I’m seeking a cold email concept that will highlight my [company’s] proficiency and foster trust with [customer persona].”

Drive immediate action: “I need a suggestion for a cold email that presents an exclusive deal to [customer persona], urging them to respond promptly.”

Emphasise benefits: “I’m on the hunt for a cold email concept that will underline the advantages of my [product] to [customer persona], persuading them to make a purchase.”

Make it resonate: “I need a concept for a pinpointed cold email that will resonate with [customer persona] in a meaningful manner.”

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Hubspot A.I.

In related news, CRM leader HubSpot recently unveiled HubSpot AI, a collection of AI-enhanced functionalities tailored for sales, marketing, and service departments, during their yearly INBOUND 2023 event.


The offerings of HubSpot AI encompass assistants for content creation and idea generation, agents dedicated to elevating customer service, and tools for anticipatory forecasting.

A notable component of this AI package is ChatSpot, a ChatGPT-integrated tool that has garnered attention from 80,000 users since its public beta release in March 2023.

In addition, HubSpot introduced a refreshed Sales Hub, enriched with AI capabilities to optimize prospecting, monitor leads, simplify scheduling and transitions, and enhance deal oversight.

Our perspective: With AI reshaping the way businesses operate, HubSpot’s foray into AI signifies a hopeful advancement in equipping small enterprises to achieve more with less exertion.

Read about the the product featueres on HubSpot’s Website

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