Writing For Your Website

There are two aspects in writing for your website.

  • One is for the human visitor
  • The other for the Search Engines

Both of the above have to be balanced – otherwise you will either lose your website ranking, your visitors or both in the process.

A few tips

  • Write is small text blocks.
  • Keep sentences short & to the point.
  • Break the text blocks with subheadings, bullet points numbering etc
  • Bold text to break it up
  • boxes to bring out the main points

The key to successfully formatting your Web copy writing is to make it as easy as possible for people to scan and skim through your text. People skim online copy, so the more you break it up and make the important stuff stand out, the better.

  • Speak directly to your reader
  • Use the word ‘You’. Don’t write about yourself or your organization. No one cares.
  • Use an active voice, not passive. Use action verbs often and well.
  • Appeal to people’s emotions.
  • Appeal to as many of the senses as possible. Paint a picture.
  • Use stories to illustrate your theme. People relate to and remember stories.
  • Describe how you can make your reader’s life easier or better.
  • Always describe the benefits and not the features (features tend to bore people to tears).

Writing for the Search engines

When you write for the Search Engines – split each page’s content. Take the essence of the page content and shrink it to a phrase.

the phrase will become your page title. Then break the phrase into individual keywords.When you are doing this focus on the keywords that is most important for your business & the keywords that you want to be found on Google or yahoo.

Work your way through for each page. Keep in mind your visitor & write interesting articles with examples or stories to illustrate.

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