Why I use FireFox Browser

I came across this article in the tech section of BBC website. I know people who use only IE for browsing. Have tried to educate my clients over the years to change. All of them did not know about the potential problems in using IE. Many do no upgrade the browsers to the later version […]

Virus on your PC

Recently one of my customers site was spiking in traffic and blowing the bandwidth. The first day I increased the bandwidth. But it blew it the next day. Seemed a bit fishy to me. I thought I would investigate the matter and when I logged into the FTP program I saw a folder called blog […]

SMBs attacked in latest online scam

New Zealand’s Stock Exchange cyber attack New Zealand’s Stock Exchange Market (NZX) experiences a severe  cyber attack for four days in a row.  The NZX was forced to close on the fourth day of the attacks after crashing due to systems connectivity issues.  The culprits of the attacks are still unknown. What we do need […]

Another site of mine got hacked

This time one of my sites that makes me money got hacked. It is a pretty large site with hundreds of products. Gets only natural traffic. Yesterday I went to check on the site and found my index file had been defaced. These are the steps I took I logged in to my FTP program […]

Free Vacation Scams

They almost got me today on the phone! This is how it goes. Ma’ am you have been selected with four others for a free vacation in Florida. (of course – where else). Oh by the way Visa International has selected me. The sponsors are canpakvacation.com I did a bit of digging & found out […]

Can you spot a fake email?

I get a lot of junk in my mailbox everyday. Today the count was like 294. Most of them I know is junk from the subject line. The usual viagra, canadian pharmacy you have won the euro lottery, my south american inheritance. Once in a while I will get the Bank of America ones telling […]

Password security

Do you do affiliate marketing? Do you drive pay-per-click traffic to your websites or landing pages? Then you have to read the following story. I belong to a private forum where most of the members are affiliate marketers. They drive PPC traffic specifically Google Adwords traffic. Of late a few of them had their Adwords […]

Identity theft

I was talking to a friend of mine a couple of days ago. She has been running up high phone bills over the weekend. The reason – She entered the green card lottery online. Before she paid by credit card she checked out the website thoroughly made sure it looked legit. The site was well […]

How secure is your password?

I know I have written about this topic many times before. A story I read today reminded me not to take this subject lightly. I was just now reading a blogger’s post about ” How he fell for a phishing attack and the response or no response from Google. Mark Gosh is a blogger and […]

Password Managers

I wanted to write about password managers after reading about IE vulnerability. The news item on TV said – if you click a link in the email you receive or even click a link in an infected website the hacker can hijack your hard drive and steal your passwords. This sows the seed for identity […]