WordPress Sites Rock

Search Engines love wordpress website. Must be the way they are structured and the way you can popularise them. What you can do with WordPress Sites:-
  1. Can be a normal site
  2. Can have a blog
  3. Can set up RSS feeds to popularise your site
  4. Can have plugin to create tags for your content. (These act like signposts for Search Engines)
  5. Add content regularly through posts in your blog or articles.
  6. Add pictures, embed videos easily
  7. Check your traffic stats regularly and tweak your content and posts accordingly
  8. Add book mark buttons
  9. Add social bookmark buttons (your visitors can bookmark you easily)
  10. Set up directory pings. (this kind of blasts your posts to about 200 news aggregators – kind of news broadcasters
Best things is you can do this all so easily once the site is set up. It is much easier to get traffic fast to your site with WorPress running at the back. Doesn’t this sound ezy peazy? Contact me to setup your wordpress site. It can be done in a couple of days! And see the difference.

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