WordPress Sites For Small Business

All businesses must have a webisite these days. I am not saying this because I am a web designer. The following reasons are compelling
  • Your website is an online brochure. (24/7)
  • People can check out your services/products before contacting you
  • A great marketing and advertising tool
  • Lends credibility to your business.
  • Use it to send out newsletters, keep in touch with customers
  • Send Google traffic to your site
  • Ask for feedback from visitors (you can tweak your services & products )
  • Have competitions with prizes to engage your target  market
  • Everyone these days checks out your business online before buying
  • So you want a website or want to revamp your old website
Here is how WordPress website can help your business
  1. Easy to update
  2. Start a blog and engage your market
  3. Cost effective. (once set up no more going back to web developer)
  4. Insert video or audio easily
  5. Upload images easily
  6. Ping your blog posts to many news aggregators. (broadcast facility)
  7. Very Search Engine Friendly
  8. Google places a lot of importance on blogs
  9. Get a good rank for your blog and increase traffic
  10. Expand your website by adding pages
  11. Have an RSS feed for your target market. (Like a newsletter of your blog posts)
  12. Use the website to share the information and add to social networking sites
I know there are many content management systems out there that charge a monthly fee. But how many have the powerful tools that word press has? There are thousands of plugins to add to your site to make it better. the forums are very big and developer community is very large. For the sheer innovation and contribution no other content management system can even come near. Contact me to design a new WordPress site for you and increase your traffic

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