Why Use WordPress?

  1. The dashboard is very user friendly. Even if you are not tech savvy it is very easy to use.
  2. There are thousands of plugins to extend the functionality of your website. Example – gallery, calendar, forums, polls, ratings and so many more. As your need arises you can add these functions.
  3. Standard compliant – WordPress is a software that is compliant to all the rules for running a website
  4. WordPress uses different functions which allow it to be search engine friendly. For example sending pings to other sites, making categories, tagging your posts, use of h1/h2 tags etc. In layman terms – it is very search engine friendly.
  5. Very easy to maintain and expand your website. No coding involved.
  6. Start blogging immediately. Write posts about your products and service.
  7. Engage your audience by having polls ratings etc
  8. I can go on and on. Bottom line is to grow your business with the help of a website WordPress is a powerful marketing tool.
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