Why Google Organic Results matter for your website

Recently I have come across prospects telling me XYZ company telling them that they can get them onto the first position in Google as their company has made a deal with Google and they guarantee the position. I try to convince them – it is not possible as it is an algorithm that brings the results and not manually created. ( Imagine creating 2 billion results manually!) to no avail. They ask me ” Why should we beleive you?” I came across this piece below from Google itself. Google“Let me be very clear: our unpaid, natural search results are never influenced by payment,” Singhal writes. “Our algorithms rank results based only on what the most relevant answers are for users — which might be a direct answer or a competitor’s website. Our ads and commercial experiences are clearly labelled and distinct from the unpaid results, and we recently announced new improvements to labelling of shopping results. This is in contrast to most comparison shopping sites, which receive payment from merchants but often don’t clearly label search results as being influenced by payment.” “As we’ve said many times before, we built search to help users, not websites,” he writes. “We don’t make changes to our algorithms to hurt competitors. We make more than 500 changes a year (each one scientifically evaluated) in order to deliver the most useful results for our users – and we now publish a monthly list of algorithm improvements. Every one of those changes moves some websites up and some sites down in the rankings, but the most important thing is that users are happy with the results.” “Our algorithms are always designed to give users the most relevant results — and sometimes the best result isn’t a website, but a map, a weather forecast, a fact, a quick answer, or specialized image, shopping, flight, or movie results. And that’s not just Google; Bing, Yahoo and other search engines do the same thing,” he continues. “All major search engines — including Bing and Yahoo — long ago evolved beyond the simple ‘ten blue links,’ and we believe that our users are often best served by providing better answers directly in search results,” Amit Singal Senior VP at Google The only way to rank high in Google is to have excellent content on your website and to play the rules the way google advises you. Create a website that will help answer your visitors questions or search for answers .  Google will reward you by ranking you higher for your keywords. Keep updating the website with fresh useful content for your visitor. This results in two things.
  1. Other sites will link to your site
  2. This will increase your visitor numbers
When your visitor numbers go up  your chances of a cquiring a new client also goes up for your business.  
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