Why E commerce?

Auckalnd Ecommerce website setup
In this day and age of the Internet it is very easy to sell online and compete with the big brick-and-mortar stores. Small Business E commerce solutionsIf you have a very good product(s) you should be able to sell online and make a profit. A good easy to use e-commerce website that is mobile friendly and optimised with the right keywords for Google should make you regular sales. In the age of social media, “lean distribution models are replacing big marketing and advertising budgets”. – Eric Schmidt Google  If you have a great idea for a product you can have small startup – with money raised from family and friends or a crowd-funding platform. Smart startups use the crowd funding backers as a distribution channel to get the product off the ground and create word of mouth sales and awareness. If you have a brick-and-mortar shop and you have to shut it on statutory holidays your e commerce shop will still be making sales. Or at night after you have closed your physical shop, the online one will still make you sales throughout the night. If you have a product that is in demand globally the online shop increases your geographical reach. This will result in increasing your turnover or even doubling your turnover in a very short period of time. Smartphone browsing has increased incredibly in the past two years. To get in front of the eyeballs of that audience, it is crucial to have your E commerce website mobile friendly and also to have easy checkout. Once you have decided to sell online 4 elements of the website to keep in mind
  • Professional looking website (to create trust in the business)
  • Fast loading pages
  • Mobile friendly
  • Easy, wrinkle free checkout
  • Search Engine optimised for Google
Keep the website very simple and easy to use to make it easy for the visitor to make a purchase. Talk to us for a tailored e commerce solution for your business.
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