This gets asked a lot in forums and networking sites.

This depends on a couple of factors

  • Are you looking for a free license or usage
  • Are you happy to pay for a proprietary CMS

If you want CMS that is free there is a huge choice

  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • WordPress
  • Plone
  • dotnet
  • Jaws… I can go on and on

there are hundreds available. Some are specific for some niches like dating or news.

For a small business that needs a few pages with basic functions many CMS’s are an overkill. What I find again and again only a few relevant issues need to be addressed

  1. Ease of use
  2. Shopping cart to be added at a later stage
  3. Google friendly
  4. Support in case of problems
  5. Inserting images

Considering all of the above WordPress wins as a CMS for the small mom & pop business. It is

  • Very easy to use. (dashboard very similar to Word)
  • Inserting pictures is a piece of cake
  • Very Google friendly ( due to pinging facility)
  • Numerous bells & whistles (add on to enhance the site)
  • Huge developer community & forum for support
  • One click install
  • Thousands of themes available

Even if you are not tech savvy at all – once you learn how to use WordPress  it is easy to expand the site by adding content.

If I do the site for your business I will get it up and running , Optimise your site for the Search Engines. Give you a clean layout, pages that will download real quick. I will also train you to use WordPress with detailed manual and videos. Plus you will have my support if there is a problem.  You will also get a lot of tips on how to promote your business online.

Want  more information? Contact me and I can help your business get online today.