Website Redesign

Redesign your website for the right reasons

The Wrong Reasons to Redesign your website
  • It’s been a few years since we updated our website and it needs to be freshened up
  • Our logo changed – so we have to redo the website.All the above are note the right reasons to redesign your website
  • My competition have just had a redesign – so I should get one done

The Right Reasons to Redesign

  • We’re not getting enough leads on our site
  • Our website visitors are not converting to leads
  • The user experience is not good ( this does affect conversion)
  • Our buyer personas have changed, and our current site doesn’t work for them
  • Our business offerings and services has changed and will not fit into the current website
  • Our analytics shows that our bounce rate is very high
  • Our target market has changed and our current site does not offer what they are looking for
We redesigned our website to solve some of our problems like the ones below. Are you getting enough traffic? One of the reasons could be that your website is not providing the right information to your target market. Your market is searching for a solution to their problem. By creating the right information in the righ format at the right time will give you better traffic and better conversion results Over time businesses evolve So should your website. In our case that is what has happened. Our business offerings and services has changed considerably over the past four years. As technology changes rapidly we find our services changes month to month. And the website did not keep up to pace with the service changes. It came to a stage that our leads dropped off to a trickle and the website stopped working for our business. Is your website attracting the right type visitor? Does your website speak to the right type of client you want to attract? Are you solving their problem? Are providing the right information and the right call to action. Is your website making enough sales? The visitor may be very clear about what you do and what to do next. The home page should clearly state who you are what you do and a call to action to encourage the user to take an action like to contact you or fill in a query form.
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