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One of my customers who owns a boat tour business down the west coast of  scenic South Island gets a lot of compliments for her website. She used to have a simple HTML site.  I revamped the site for her about a year ago to a WordPress site. She saw a good jump in her traffic and her bookings. One of the reasons is she writes a post in her blog occasionally. Imagine her traffic if she does regularly! she is very happy with the site and regularly gets compliments. Here is what she wrote to me yesterday:- ” Getting lots of compliments for the site, even from a web designer who is staying here so all is well!” She loves it so much that she wants a second site for another business of hers. As a small business the website is crucial to her marketing and bookings. So if you are a small business and want an editable website that you can update easily contact me today! Here is the website that my client loves

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