Web 2.0 Web Site – part 2

This is a continuation of my last post” Why your business should have a web 2.0 website”

I hear this often when I tell my clients to use social media to get more leads –
“I’m too old. I don’t understand  Social Media stuff.”

Social media is another networking method. Think of it as a cocktail party – where you meet new people participate in a conversation help out  & make contacts. The best part is you are not time and space bound.
3 types of social media

1.    Publish –Blog, Flikr, Wikipedia, Squidoo etc
2.    Share – Stumbeupon, Digg etc
3.    Network – Facebook, LinkedIn etc

Do the following in the networking places

•    Make friends
•    Find your existing connections
•    Network through groups
•    Add to your email signature, blog articles, bio or profile
•    Be helpful
•    Answer questions
•    Share interesting content
•    Make connections


•    Write posts regularly
•    This will get Google to crawl more
•    Make you an authority
•    Develop an audience of email and RSS subscribers
•    Attract more inbound links
•    Write keyword rich content to attract more targeted traffic

Measure your results by tracking your blog subscriptions, fans on facebook, your tweets being retweeted, Google buzz etc

Participate in all the above to get maximum exposure. Then track what is being said about your business by setting up Google alerts for your business. Watch what your competition is doing and try to copy the steps.

You can do all the above if you have a Web 2.0 enable website. These powerful marketing methods will generate leads and increase conversion for you. It will cut your marketing budget big time. As a small business you could do with that I am sure!

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