View your emails from your Dashboard

5 Reasons Why you need a contact form

  1. Avoid spam – placing your email address in your website greatly increases the chances of SPAM in your site. A custom form is a far better option.
  2. Enhanced Appearance – A contact form simply looks more professional
  3. User-friendly – All that is needed is putting in the content and click ‘Send’
  4. Delivery Assured – Avoid wrongly entered email addresses
  5. Convenience – offer a convenient way for your potential customers to contact you

Emails sent through your website are never lost

For a number of reasons – server failure, black-listing, mailbox full – the emails sent through the website may fail to reach you. However, Pixels Webdesign use a special email facility – Gravity forms – where every form submitted through your website is stored in the website’s database. You will not lose anything that is submitted through the form.

View your emails in your Dashboard

Get a quick overview of your form submissions and easily manage your Gravity Forms and entries directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Log in to your Dashboard. Go to Forms > Forms. You will see the following screen.

Pixels contact Form

Click Forms>Entries. You will see

Pixels Webdesign


When a potential customer fills in your contact form, you have their permission to reply OR, if you wish, send them a monthly informational brochure or a Newsletter.

You can export all the contact details of your potential customer – especially the email address and first name – easily through the Dashboard. Here is how.

Go to Forms>Export/Import

Select a form from the drop-down.

Pixels Webdesign

The dashboard would request a location for saving the file. Save the file for later use.

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