12 Ways to promote a new website

promote your new website

A common query from business owners is:

“Now that I have a brand new website how come I have not made any sales?”

A new website is not a magic button – that will make your sales. As a business owner, you have to promote the site to increase traffic- which in turn will bring you sales.

  1. Perform proper onsite search engine optimisation  also offsite  (link building etc)
  2. Your site needs to be indexed by Google & other search engines. Visit Google search console to get data & tips.
  3. Analyse your stats every day to see traffic details. You will find how the visitor found you referral sites etc. Use this data to tweak content, keywords images etc to increase traffic.
  4. Sponsor a blog on your topic. There are millions of blogs out there, many of which have engaging content. Approach your favourite blogs and find out if they allow sponsors.
  5. Post a comment on related blogs with a link to your website.
  6. Enter your business listings on as many online directories as possible.
  7. Reciprocate links with complementary businesses
  8. Create a good email signature stating what your business does concisely with a link to your website
  9. Get into Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin & promote your site.
  10. Boost traffic to your site with Google Adwords
  11. Google My Business listing boosts your business in local search. 
  12. Create a short video about your product – could be a how-to video & post on Youtube

These are a few online methods to promote your website. Also go the traditional marketing offline route like good signage, postcard/flyer drops. Community papers, local sponsorships etc.

There are so many ways of promoting your website. Once your visitor lands on the product page – your page has to be very user friendly to convert.

Talk to us or email us and we can help you with marketing your business online.

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