Tips to Be Found Online

I have not posted for a while. Been busy designing websites for small businesses. One trend i found is that a lot of my traffic comes from New Zealand Business directories. And the searches are very specific like- small business web design. Web design for small business or wordpress sites wordpress design etc. Last year  I took the time to list in a whole lot of online business directories. And over the past year the traffic has been building up. If you are a small business and want some targeted traffic register online for a handful of directories and list your business. Even if you spend 15 minutes a day doing this for a week or so it will pay off in the long run.  There is another upside as well. Google loves incoming links to your site. Although all incoming links are not equal. It still does matter. More the links pointing to your site more Google love and traffic increases. So take action today and register! The other smart thing to do is sign up with Google local and get a free local business listing. It comes with Google map as well.  You know sometimes when you Google for a business you see local business at the top of the page with Google map? That is how you get listed. google local
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