Tips for Homepage

Make your homepage work for you. The homepage in a website is the most important real estate for you. It is like your shopfront. State clearly your
  • Special offers – clearly displayed
  • Clear navigation – where to go
  • Call to action buttons – what to do
  • Search facility – search the site for information  about products etc
Clearly state what your business does in the first few sentences. This reassures that they have come to the right place. State clearly how your business is different Find the optimal page layout: Show visitors a clean and easy to understand homepage which isn’t cluttered and has all relevant information available on the top of the page. Make it easy to navigate further: You want visitors to proceed beyond your homepage. With so many potential routes a visitor could take, make sure they don’t get lost. Options on where to go next should be clear. Keep the layout simple & free of clutter.

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