Three Tips for Website Success

If you want your website to be successful in helping your business here are the three things you must do. When I contact a client for the first time I always ask them the following questions
  1. Who is your target market?
  2. What do they want from the website?
  3. What do you want to achieve through the website (lead generation, brand awareness, sell products)
  4. What do you want your visitor to do on each page of your site?
Once you have identified what your market wants from your site segment your site to perform those tasks. You may have to partition the site to something like the following sections. Information section
  • Lots of interesting informative articles for the information seeker
  • Tips & tricks for your target market.
  • Related pictures if relevant
  • Blog posts – update is as many times a week as you can
  • Comparison of your product with other similar products & the benefits of your products over the rest
manupaladder The selling section
  • Products or services clearly displayed on home page with a link to a more detailed version
  • Compelling benefits of the products to the customer
  • Easy to order – buy button clearly on the page. make it easy to buy.
  • Cross sell, up sell, again easy to order –   buy button clearly visible
Contact section
  • Contact details on every page. (People will not go looking for it)
  • Integrate social media buttons. (If people like what you are saying or offering they will follow you on social media)
Get Traffic Once you have done the above spread the news about your website
  • Do Search engine optmisation on page & off page. (this is a whole topic by itself  – I used Aaron Wall’s method to get to number one in Google for a bunch of keywords.
  • Do a bit of Google adwords traffic
  • Spread the word on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin)
  • Do some link swaps for relevant related sites
  • Register on online directories
  • Register on blog directories.
Your business will benefit if you follow these steps.  I have taken these steps consistently over the past 2 years and have had very good results in Search Engine Ranking.
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