Which CMS for Small Business

This gets asked a lot in forums and networking sites. This depends on a couple of factors Are you looking for a free license or usage Are you happy to pay for a proprietary CMS If you want CMS that is free there is a huge choice Joomla Drupal WordPress Plone dotnet Jaws… I can […]

Small Business Blogs

Why should small businesses have blogs? It is the easiest way of interacting with your customers, prospects. Once it is set up even if you post once  in 3 weeks or once every month it adds value to your existing customers. Write a marketing message, announce new products an services have contests – anything to […]


I am in the process of updating a WordPress manual I created a while ago. Hopefully I will finish it in a week or so. The manual is a couple of versions behind now. The purpose of the manual is to help people quickly put up a simple self hosted wordpress site. This can be […]

10 Benefits of having a professional website design

Yesterday I was answering a question in a small business forum. The question – should I hire a web designer to design my website? My answer to that was Yes. 10 reasons why you should get a professionally designed website:- Good design means good first impression. (It does matter) Good design will invite customers – […]

15 benefits of WordPress sites

editing without needing to know HTML easy to update current events – takes a few minutes No uploading of files – like static HTML sites post-dating of articles so they can automatically “go live” in the future reader participation through comments organization of the content using tags – these are like signposts for search engines […]

WordPress Sites For Small Business

All businesses must have a webisite these days. I am not saying this because I am a web designer. The following reasons are compelling Your website is an online brochure. (24/7) People can check out your services/products before contacting you A great marketing and advertising tool Lends credibility to your business. Use it to send […]

Website gets many compliments…

One of my customers who owns a boat tour business down the west coast of  scenic South Island gets a lot of compliments for her website. She used to have a simple HTML site.  I revamped the site for her about a year ago to a WordPress site. She saw a good jump in her […]