Effective Techniques to Combat Spam and Protect Your Website

Effective Techniques to Combat Spam and Protect Your Website

Introduction Spam is a daily nuisance that many of us encounter in various forms. It not only wastes our time, but it can also pose a significant security risk. It is essential to stay updated with the latest techniques for dealing with spam. In this article, we will discuss proven ways to combat unsolicited electronic […]

Blog spam became nil…

In my last post I talked about spam comments in blogs and how to stop them. I found out my Akismet (spam catcher plugin) got uninstalled for some reason. And that is why the spam was just pouring in. I uploaded the plugin again and installed. And guess what in the past 2 days Akismet […]

Spam on the rise again…

If you think you’re getting a lot of spam these days, well, you are not alone. Microsoft has released a report that says 97 % of mail that is being sent is unwanted spam like phishing attacks or viruses. The good news: Spam filters are getting better than ever. Microsoft’s filter system for Exchange now […]

Stopping blog spam

I have been away from this blog for the past two weeks. Life got in my way. When I logged in to write a post. I saw about 50 spam comments selling the usual viagra or canadian pharmacy. It has become a bit of a pain deleting the spam posts from time to time. So […]