Can you spot a fake email?

I get a lot of junk in my mailbox everyday. Today the count was like 294. Most of them I know is junk from the subject line. The usual viagra, canadian pharmacy you have won the euro lottery, my south american inheritance. Once in a while I will get the Bank of America ones telling […]

How secure is your password?

I know I have written about this topic many times before. A story I read today reminded me not to take this subject lightly. I was just now reading a blogger’s post about ” How he fell for a phishing attack and the response or no response from Google. Mark Gosh is a blogger and […]

Hacked problem resolved

Continuing from my post yesterday, the hacking problem has been resolved by Hostagator. This is one of the reasons I love Hostgator. They are so quick to resolve problems. There were two spamming scripts installed on the website server. Even after deleting all the files these spamming scripts could not be deleted. It was finally […]