Why I use FireFox Browser

I came across this article in the tech section of BBC website. I know people who use only IE for browsing. Have tried to educate my clients over the years to change. All of them did not know about the potential problems in using IE. Many do no upgrade the browsers to the later version […]

Virus on your PC

Recently one of my customers site was spiking in traffic and blowing the bandwidth. The first day I increased the bandwidth. But it blew it the next day. Seemed a bit fishy to me. I thought I would investigate the matter and when I logged into the FTP program I saw a folder called blog […]

Another site of mine got hacked

This time one of my sites that makes me money got hacked. It is a pretty large site with hundreds of products. Gets only natural traffic. Yesterday I went to check on the site and found my index file had been defaced. These are the steps I took I logged in to my FTP program […]

Can you spot a fake email?

I get a lot of junk in my mailbox everyday. Today the count was like 294. Most of them I know is junk from the subject line. The usual viagra, canadian pharmacy you have won the euro lottery, my south american inheritance. Once in a while I will get the Bank of America ones telling […]

Identity theft

I was talking to a friend of mine a couple of days ago. She has been running up high phone bills over the weekend. The reason – She entered the green card lottery online. Before she paid by credit card she checked out the website thoroughly made sure it looked legit. The site was well […]

How secure is your password?

I know I have written about this topic many times before. A story I read today reminded me not to take this subject lightly. I was just now reading a blogger’s post about ” How he fell for a phishing attack and the response or no response from Google. Mark Gosh is a blogger and […]

Hacked problem resolved

Continuing from my post yesterday, the hacking problem has been resolved by Hostagator. This is one of the reasons I love Hostgator. They are so quick to resolve problems. There were two spamming scripts installed on the website server. Even after deleting all the files these spamming scripts could not be deleted. It was finally […]

Online Crime

I read a news article today about how online crime will flourish in economic downturn. The reason given is – crime tends to go up when unemployment rises. Makes a lot of sense to me. When people are desperate for some money they will try all means to get the money. People these days are […]

One of my sites was hacked

I wrote a post about password security yesterday. The importance of having a strong password. Today I get an email from Hostgator my hosting company which says one of my sites is sending out more than 500 emails an hour and they have suspended that account! And I thought I had a strong password. The […]

How to Avoid Online Crime

Hi-tech criminals are racking up more than 100 attacks a second on the world’s computers, a survey suggests. The wave of attacks was driven by a steep rise in malicious software in circulation, said the annual report.The number of malware (malicious software) samples that Symantec saw in 2009 was 71% higher than in 2008. – […]