Things to do when business is down

As a small business it is tough to ride the current recession and market turmoil. As people lose homes and jobs consumer spending will go down. And as a small business you will feel the pinch. Some tips to ride the downturn. Postpone any expansion for the next few months. Wait and see how quick […]

Economic downturn

I am sure you have seen it on TV read in the newspaper. It is everywhere. The doom and gloom – the credit crunch the housing market collapsing etc. I am sure you know all these things are cyclical. Yes it is bad this time round due to the greed of those in Wall Street. […]

Reach More Customers

Reach more customers with Google

Reach more future customers with the help of Google. Your products and services have to be discoverable on Google for people to be able to contact you. Today, 3 out of 4 customers use search to find a business or a service/product online. Google helps you to connect with new customers when they’re searching for […]

Google’s new social network site

Google has unveiled its own social network known as Buzz. It is integrated with  Gmail – allows users to post status updates, share and read and comment on friends posts. This is pitching Google directly against Facebook, which has nearly 400 million users.  Buzz will try to capitalise on the number of Gmail users, which […]


Pay Per Click Pixels Webdesign

One of the fastest ways to get traffic to your site and see some sales is through pay-per-click or PPC.  All 3 top search engines have pay-per-click programmes.  Google is the best and you see instant results.  It is very easy to open an account with Google. What is pay-per-click? PPC ads are the ones […]

Tips to Be Found Online

I have not posted for a while. Been busy designing websites for small businesses. One trend i found is that a lot of my traffic comes from New Zealand Business directories. And the searches are very specific like- small business web design. Web design for small business or wordpress sites wordpress design etc. Last year  […]

WordPress as CMS for businesses…

There is a lot of searches for the keywords in my title. Yes I see them at least twice a week on my blog stats. I suddenly realized the power of that plug in. It tells you where your visitor came from, what link they clicked and what keyword they used to find you! What […]