Social Media image sizes 2023

Social Media Image sizes 2023

Social media is an essential tool for businesses and individuals alike, and understanding the social media image sizes of each platform helps in creating visually appealing and professional-looking content

How to invite friends to like your FB page

How To Invite Friends To Like Your FB Page

From your News Feed, click Pages in the left menu.

Go to your Page.

Below Invite Friends to Like Your Page, click Invite next to a friend’s name or click See All Friends.

Enter a friend’s name in the search box and then click the box next to their name.

Click Send Invites.

You can see invitations to like a Page by going to your Invites tab.

Invite People Who React to Your Page’s Posts.

If your Page has less than 100,000 likes, you can also invite people who react to your Page’s posts to like your Page.

Setting up a Business Facebook Page 2022

setting up a facebook page 2022

Setting Up A Business Facebook Page 2022 Facebook Business Pages let you grow your business on and off Facebook. Pages come with a suite of free business tools that help you achieve your business goals. You must have a Facebook profile to create a business page. How to create a page (desktop) To create a […]

Google’s new social network site

Google has unveiled its own social network known as Buzz. It is integrated with  Gmail – allows users to post status updates, share and read and comment on friends posts. This is pitching Google directly against Facebook, which has nearly 400 million users.  Buzz will try to capitalise on the number of Gmail users, which […]