Spam on the rise again…

If you think you’re getting a lot of spam these days, well, you are not alone. Microsoft has released a report that says 97 % of mail that is being sent is unwanted spam like phishing attacks or viruses. The good news: Spam filters are getting better than ever. Microsoft’s filter system for Exchange now scrubs out 39 out of every 40 emails sent. Spam also saw that slight decline thanks to the shut down last year of the ISP McColo, a major haven for spammers who suddenly had to go shopping elsewhere. What are we being spammed about? Pharmacy and other product ads make up the lion’s share of spam, accounting for 72.2 percent of all spam sent. Only 10 % of that is for Viagra or Cialis. Image-only spam, dating come-ons, financial spam, and fraudulent diplomas round out the remainder of the most common spam subjects. In the related world of malware infections, the Microsoft report noted that worldwide, 8.6 machines were suffering from malware for every 1,000 which were clean. That sounds pretty good, but it still translates to about 9 million computers worldwide suffering from malware attacks. What do you need to watch out for today, attack-wise? The most common attacks at the moment target Microsoft Office and PDF files, and those types of attacks are further on the rise. microsoft Is your computer protected? The only way to stay ahead of these spammers is to keep all your softwares up to date and keep your Anti virus up to date as well. If you don’t have one I encourage you to buy a real anti virus. I use Pareto Logic anti virus. One worry out of my way.
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