Social Media for Small Business – part one

If you are a small business owner and not using social media, you are missing out on a lot of potential prospects & a free lead generation tool.

Some stats here

The top three social networks—Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn—collectively received

more than 2.5 billion visits in the month of September 2009 alone. Twitter grew by more

than 600% in 2009, while Facebook grew by 210% and LinkedIn by 85%.

With that kind of numbers it is foolish to ignore them. The way I see it marketing is evolving into something very different. In a few years time if your business is not on social media – people will question why is your business not present?

It is like this – 15 years ago it did not matter if your business did not have a website – the internet was a new still new & it was OK. Now it is not OK for a business not to have a website. It is a must as prospects check you out online before contacting your business.  It is the same with social media. You have to get onto it at some stage. It creates transparency & trust with your audience. You can solve complaints & problems much faster than the traditional methods.

How exactly do you define social media?

Social media is the use of technology to co-create, know, like, and trust. Social media is  – blogs, social search, social networking, and bookmarking, presents the marketer with a rich set of new tools to help in the effort to generate new business.

Social media helps you connect with your prospects & clients. It helps you communicate in an honest transparent way.

For a small business the hub of all activity is still the website & blog. It is a tool that ties all your social media activity together & helps you make the sale.

Tomorrow I will cover the different types  of social media & how I have been successful in some of them.

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