Social Media for Small Business – part two

Got a bit sidetracked with my last post.  The main social networking sites are

  • FaceBook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin

Linked in is the most conducive to conduct B2B business. Twitter is great for B2C esp if you are the food business or a unique niche like hand crafted stuff, collectibles etc. You can announce your specials & sales on Twitter. Face Book is great for some business like fashion designers etc.

All three work in very different ways. And the method will differ from business to business as well.

For my business I have been quite successful in LinkedIn in a very short time. One of my clients uses social media a lot for his business. He had been encouraging me to do the same for a while. Lack of time – kept postponing.

Another client asked for some help in social media.  Thought to myself have to learn the ropes before teaching. The first one I tried was LinkedIn as it is a business networking site. The way I approached is

  • Join a few relevant groups
  • Participate in the group forums actively

I have been part of different forums for the past 6 years. So I am kinda a pro. Jumped into the forums & helped people in my line of expertise. When I did that I never pushed my services or business. Just answered a lot of questions in a genuine way.

The result is I got a few leads & conversions.

The question & answer section is unique to LinkedIn. There are various categories from marketing to sales to sustainable living.

Every day I log into LinkedIn  in the morning & answer a few questions related to business. If the answer you provide is useful to the person asking your will be chosen as the best answer.

I also ask questions related to business. The answers have given me clarity in certain areas. The bonus isI have someone helping me in my marketing as well  🙂

Now I am tackling twitter. Will write about Twitter for business tomorrow.

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