Snapchat’s AI Glitch Disturbs

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Snapchat’s AI Glitch Disturbs

Snapchat’s “My AI” personalized chatbot caused a stir among users on Tuesday when it unexpectedly uploaded a perplexing video showcasing a wall and ceiling to its public story, followed by a sudden silence.

  • The ChatGPT-driven bot surprised the Snapchat community by sharing an enigmatic three-second clip seemingly out of thin air.
  •  Subsequently, it went offline temporarily, triggering concerns that it might have inadvertently shared images of users’ residences.
  • Upon resuming activity, My AI delivered peculiar responses, referencing a prank and requesting assistance.

Our analysis

Instances, where personalised AI encounters glitches with unsettling outcomes, tend to garner significant attention as they quickly circulate across social media, adversely influencing user sentiment. Regrettably for Snapchat, the chatbot’s performance has, thus far, proven to be more problematic than beneficial.

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