Small Business Websites Fixes

Many small business websites fail to deliver. Here are some tips to make them work
  • Cut to the chase:- On your homepage give exactly what your target market wants and cut the fluff. If you are a motel in a beach town. Your homepage should say where you are what your rates are upfront and a few images of the rooms and amenities. Give the off season rates and how best to get there in a few sentences.
  • Make your site load fast. No flash no large image files that take forever to download
  • Ask for the business with words like contact us, get a free quote, buy now. Have this prominently on your home page. The buy now button should be easy to find.
  • Give something free if you can – a free report, white paper
  • Use testimonials  – not only on a specific “Success Stories” page, but liberally sprinkled around your entire site. Make sure each testimonial highlights specific services/products you want to sell more of
Always be focused on your product and services but in an interesting way. That way you will have a great converting website that your target market will love. contact me for a free quote for a makeover of your website or to get a new website that works.
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