Small business sales down

This was the headline in a news portal today “Small businesses accentuate the negative ” Wellington small business confidence has turned on its head since February, with pessimism doubling and optimism nearly halving. The global credit crunch and the markets & banks facing tough times is trickling all the way down even to this little corner of the worls. Globalisation has made sure of that. Consumer spending will drop over the next months. Experts are saying that recession is going to be long and painful. It is much harder if you are a small business. What can you do?  Many things actually.
  1. Keep in touch with your customers. They might want to upgrade their product
  2. Keep your marketing funnel going all the time. Lead generation has to be continous
  3. Redo your printed advertising. Get a new look for all of them.
  4. Revamp your website and give it a facelift.
  5. Keep writing related articles for your website and update content regularly.
  6. Get your website listed in local web directories. It does work.
  7. Make sure your website is optimized for SEO. (Search Engine Optimization)
image by midori syu
image by midori syu
One of my customers recently did just some of the things above. She redid her advertising material like brochures, business cards etc. She emaile me a week ago to get her website redone and the look and feel to be like her printed material. This time round I am giving her a content management system. That way she can update the website herself and she will blog about her business to get more traffic. Summer time is her peak time. She will be ready for it with a new look. What are you doing to make sure you get more customers now?

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