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Why should small businesses have blogs? It is the easiest way of interacting with your customers, prospects. Once it is set up even if you post once  in 3 weeks or once every month it adds value to your existing customers. Write a marketing message, announce new products an services have contests – anything to keep up the buzz! Initially it might seem a lot of work. But once you get into the groove of it all it takes is about 20 minutes to write on a topic close to your niche or target market. You can even have polls related to the latest topic.  Polls reveal what your customers/market wants . Have them rate your products. You can make corrections based on these feedback. At the end of the day your product will become a better fit for your market and sales will increase. Get people to subscribe to your feed. (modern version of newsletter) Integrate your blog with Facebook and Twitter.  The benefits are endless. It is a very cost effective way of acquiring new customers keeping old ones happy. Compare this with printing brochures every time you have a new product or service. The type of editable websites that i build will have a blog inbuilt. All it takes is to write a new post and it is alive. Contact me today for an editable small business website and get your business move in the right direction!

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