Step one

Set up a Facebook account in your name. Not in company name. ( see facebook resources)

Step 2

Click on “Advertising” at the very bottom of the page.

Step 3

Click on “Pages” at the top of the page. This page tells you what you can do on your pages and shows you sample screenshots.
It is a tutorial page of a sort. If you already have an existing page, this is the page to go to in order to manage it.

Step 4

Choose¬† what type of company you are running–such as a musical or design or communications firm. Facebook applies templates based on what company type you choose. Make the name of the page your business name.

Step 5

Fill in your basic profile with a photo or logo and company information, and list any events you might be planning.

Step 6

Add more options. There is a plus sign at the top of the page that allows you to add applications like videos, notes (which can be articles or information to which you want your fans to have access), photos and discussions (generally, this is a forum where you can post a F.A.Q., instructions, complaints or testimonials). When you click the plus sign, a drop-down box appears, giving you options for elements to add. Click the one you want and follow the directions. For example, if you click the “Video” option, you just upload the video from your computer and it places it on the page.

Step 7

Play around with the layout till you are happy. You can delete the page any time & start again.

Now that you have got your business on Facebook the next step will be to promote your business on Facebook.

Which I will cover in later post.