What Is SEO Copywriting?

To get a clearer idea of what we are talking about, let’s have a quick look at the term itself. For that, let’s look at the two parts that make up the word: “SEO” and “copywriting”.

  1. SEO— SEO or search engine optimisation is a method of optimising your web content in order to rank higher in search engines than other web pages that target the same keywords. To do so, SEO strives to increase both the relevance and authority of your content.
  2. Copywriting— Copywriting, on the other hand, is the art and science of creating content that gets website visitors or customers to take an action. This can be buying your product or subscribing to a newsletter. Copywriters need to have an insight into what makes the people they are writing for take action and need to write the right headline sub headline and paragraphs that invoke interest and the emotion of wanting know more.

SEO copywriting is a hybrid of both these areas. It has evolved in recent years as a consequence of changes to how search engines, particularly Google, rank content.

Today it’s no longer enough to stuff keywords into your post in order to achieve high search rankings – Google is clever in those instances and penalises the website when it is done. Instead, high-quality, often long-form content has become the key to dominating search engine rankings and acquiring customers.

Consequently, SEO copywriting is about creating compelling, informative, and valuable content that also targets specific keywords and will be both appreciated by search spiders and people.

What is SEO CopywritingSEO Copywriting Best Practices

Research your audience and keywords thoroughly

Creating content always starts with deciding who to write for and what to write about. Researching and defining your target market is the first step.

Knowing who you are writing for gives you topic ideas that will then lead to concrete keywords and search phrases to target. Good sources for this kind of information are:

  • Personas— This means creating fictional versions of your target market. Doing so allows you to create a profile of who you are writing for and understand them on a personal level. That way you are able to understand their needs and interests and create targeted content for them.
  • Website analytics— Analytics software like Google Analytics provide important insight into your audience. Learn what brings them to your site, where they are from, the keywords they found you under, and much more.
  • Competitor analysis— Other people in your niche are also a treasure trove of information for what content works and the kind of information your audience is looking for. You can also gain valuable insights by looking at what their readers are saying in the comment section.
  • Social media —Social networks are a great source of information for what your target market is interested in. Find out what kind of content and topics work best by monitoring the conversation around your topic, following hashtags, and interacting with others.
  • Keyword research— Keyword research is a staple of SEO work and should definitely be a part of your effort. It’s not only important to find worthwhile keywords, but also gives you a direct glimpse into the hearts and minds of your audience. Plus, you can find related search terms to sprinkle into your content.

SEO copywriting is the secret weapon for website owners and marketers for high search engine rankings and conversions. Mastering it lets you create content loved by both Google and your readers.

Luckily, while it takes some effort to create high-quality content, it is not overly complicated. By following the SEO copywriting best practices above you are well on your way.

Recapping the points above

  • Invest a lot of time in researching your target market
  • Choose relevant, specific content that fits your business and to attract your target audience
  • Create a clear outline and structure before you start writing
  • Write for sheer volume, not perfection
  • Invest time in making your text readable – with paragraphs breaks etc.
  • Edit your content thoroughly
  • Polish SEO after the fact


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