SEO Benefits of WordPress Sites

If you are a small business you will want your website to rank high on the search engines. If you are on the first page on Google it means more traffic for you – which translates to more sales. There are specific methods to go about this. WordPressIt has to be ongoing & tweaked as you go along as Google keeps changing the algorithm for ranking all the time. it takes time to get to the top of ranking for a bunch of keywords that are important to  your business. SEO can be broken into two main categories on site optimisation and off site optimisation. On site optimsation should be done for every page. This includes unique page titles for every page, unique meta description for every page. The content have the main keywords for that page, relevant tags for every page etc. Off page  includes relevant links pointing to your site. All of this takes constant work over a period of time. To make all of this easier use a platform for your website that is SEO friendly.Wordpress fits this. It is built to be SEO friendly.
  • The SEO friendly URLs. You can manipulate the URLs with your keywords for each page or posts.
  • WordPress code is lean & mean. (fast loading sites – Google takes loading time into consideration now)
  • Ping directories – When you write a post, it can be broadcast to many of the ping directories. ( easy traffic generator)
  • When you receive comments on your blog post they increase the traffic to your site. (Searches for those phrases found in the posts)
  • You can add tags to your pages or posts. These are like signposts for Google. You can have your tags on your homepage. Makes it easier for the spiders to find them.
  • Your posts can be categorised. You can have your keywords in your categories. Another way to get traffic.
  • Another way is to create pages with the keywords you want to focus on.  Add the keywords in your navigation as well.
Although WordPress is a blogging platform it is a great content management system for small business websites. All you have to do is have a very focused homepage with the right content & your keywords. The homepage being static Google will favour you for your keywords. If you have a static HTML site consider the above benefits. Who would not want more free traffic?
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