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How secure are your online passwords? Not at all. link buildingLast week gawker- an online gossip site got hacked & 1.3 millions user accounts was compromised. Their passwords were published online! Millions of web users are being asked to reset their passwords as concerns spread over a major hacking attack. Yahoo, Twitter and LinkedIn have asked users to change their details, days after gossip site Gawker was hacked. Online game World of Warcraft, which has more than 12 million subscribers, has also asked some users to reset their passwords. Blizzard, the company behind the game, said it was an attempt to “minimise the effects” of the Gawker breach. Although thousands of Twitter accounts were compromised after the attack, there have been few other reports of damage directly linked to the breach. Many companies, however, have taken steps to identify users at risk and warn them before an exploit can take place. A spokesman for LinkedIn said it necessary to take “proactive security measures” to screen users thought to be in danger. While it was important to remind users that their passwords should be changed regularly, he said, the warnings sent out to users did not always address the central issue of poor password choices. Tips for keeping your password safe
  • Never use the same password across lots of different websites
  • Do not use a word that you – or a hacker – could find in the dictionary: these are susceptible to so-called ‘brute force’ attacks
  • Try to include some digits and special characters to add a layer of complexity that will make life difficult for a criminal
  • Pick a phrase or mnemonic that helps you remember your password
  • You can avoid having to remember passwords altogether by using a password manager program. There are many available to download online
– BBC online
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