Search Trends in 2022

Search Trends in 2022

Google often publishes what people are searching for online in search engines. 2022 has been a bit different as we came out of COVID spikes and lockdowns.

People are prioritising what is important in their lives like quality of life mental health work-life balance Hybrid working etc.

Whether we’re seeking a deeper understanding of our place in the world, redefining our values, or simply looking for joy, we’re wondering: ‘Can I change…?’ One of the most asked questions in 2022 has been “ How to change myself?” People want to get past merely coping or just going with the flow. Searching for who we really are and who we can shine as an individual has become very important to us. As a result, our cultural, personal, and professional identities are evolving.

We’re looking for deep connections with global cultures, through things like music and food; at the same time exploring our local culture and geography.

We’re also embracing our individualities, and exploring the wider influences on our own ideas about identity.

Our idea of professional satisfaction is evolving, and we’re defining success on our terms. This includes looking for more flexible work arrangements and reassessing our value in the job market, even if that means exploring other careers and styles of working.

It is important for marketers to adopt inclusivity in their marketing practices. Committing to diversity, equity, and inclusion needs to be a important responsibility that is embedded into every aspect of your brand’s campaigns — from ideation to execution.

As inflation increases people are doing their due diligence, reassessing where and how they spend. Compare …. Products is a most searched keyword now.

But consumers aren’t only looking at the price tags. There’s a renewed focus on what they consider to be of the greatest value — trust. Consumers respond to uncertainty by seeking to increase confidence in the choices they are making. Where it might’ve once been one factor that influenced all of our purchases, it’s now the tipping point.

People are prioritising quality of service and reliability of products, when making purchasing decisions. Google searches for “most popular” are higher than those for “most affordable.”2

Searching for the best deal is still important to consumers, but we’re also shifting purchasing priorities. More people are realising that supporting sustainability is important to them.

As marketers, we need to be able to navigate what the market wants and deliver the best deals as people search for affordable and trusted options.

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