Search Optimisation 2022

SEO for 2022
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Search Optimisation 2023

Quality is the main angle to rank high and be found in Google
2022 is about quality. Begin with figuring out what precisely it is you do. Analyse your products and services, and how you are communicating about them.. If you find it hard to describe what you do, you may have to go back to the drawing board. Your products and services should be excellent. Nobody will purchase an inferior product. An excellent product needs a killer site and a good strategy to get the site noticed. Google rewards for great content by giving you a better rank in search

Website optimisation in 2023

Website quality is very important. Content quality is fundamental. In this way, these SEO patterns for 2022 are not made-up stuff and have been around for a while.

Mobile First

Prioritise and make sure your website works perfectly on the phone and is up to speed. Google switched over to mobile-first indexing and it gives scores to your site by how it works on mobile, even when most of your traffic is from the desktop. Give importance to your mobile site work on your mobile SEO. Make sure the images have alternative text. ( this helps to make the site more accessible) Is the content complete and easy to read? Make the mobile site fast, easy to use, and valuable. The pandemic created many new online shoppers, due to necessity and convenience. For a large portion of them, it is the new normal now.

Develop website quality

Assuming you have been on the SEO game for a while, and you are well versed in what the Search Engines look for on your website, it is not possible to know all the things the search engines look for. No one knows what exactly goes on behind the scenes at Google. One thing comes up all the time and that is quality.


In 2022, your website needs to be technically sound and tick all the boxes that Google says to. Offer great user experience, have relevant content that answers the search query that was typed in and have fast loading pages.

I will add another post on how to optimise the pages for the keyphrases relevant to your product or service.

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