PC Assistance

PC Assistance

PC Assistance – Mobile IT support

We revamped an old website for PC Assistance. The new website is viewable in all devices, is very simple to use and has effective call to action to encourage the visitor to contact Jon for an IT problem. The new website works very well for Jon as he has doubled his earnings through the revamped website. Jon also sends Google Adwords traffic. We sent up a focused landing page for him to send the traffic to with the right content and relevant heading and a query form.

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A special thanks to Gita at Pixels Webdesign.

Gita and her team have put together an absolutely fantastic web site for my business and I couldn’t be happier. Her efforts were tireless and everything was done to make sure that I the client was 100% satisfied. Business coming in through my website has literally doubled since the site went live. Thanks Gita, you’re a star.

Jon Pattison
PC Assistance